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Know Your Doshas


Know Your Doshas


Naturally athletic, Kaphas are influenced by the earth and water elements and are naturally loyal, compassionate and stable. They are immensely methodical, and appreciate a routine in their personal and professional lives. If imbalanced, they can become stubborn and unmotivated. Their appetite for food and stimulation is lower than the other doshas. Their skin usually produces excess sebum which makes it oily and acne-prone. Their skin also tends to get clogged easily which leads to large pores. The use of non-comedogenic products and make-up, along with the use of natural ingredients which will not clog their pores is recommended to tackle their skin issues.

Vulnerabilities - indulgent, obsessive, insensitive
Triggers - conflict, violence
Self-care tips - journaling, dry body brushing for increased blood flow


Innately strong, Pittas are influenced by the fire element which makes them intense and easily irritable. They are headstrong and approach work and play with great intensity. Natural leaders, they can take up and learn new skills easily; their strong ideologies can make them judgemental. When imbalanced, they may suffer from conditions such as inflammation, rashes and acne. Their skin is sensitive and can be frequently inflamed which causes redness and sunburns. Cooling of the skin with natural ingredients is recommended to tackle their skin issues.

Vulnerabilities - easily frustrated, angry, confrontational
Triggers - making mistakes, broken trust
Self-care tips - slow hatha yoga, destress


Usually thin and lanky, Vatas are influenced by the air element, which makes them creative and enjoy physical and mental endeavors. Due to their influence from the air element, their appetite and energy can fluctuate dramatically. When balanced, they have incredible imagination and are original thinkers. When imbalanced, they tend to get anxious and seem flaky. Their skin feels dry, and can show signs of early ageing. Nourishment and hydration from not just moisturisers, but also oils is recommended to tackle their skin issues.

Vulnerabilities - Vulnerabilities - impulsive, hyper-sensitive, agitated
Triggers - miscommunication, instability
Self-care tips - grounding meditation, body massage with Ayurvedic oil


Strong, stable and adaptable, Tri-doshas have equal amounts of each doshic influence. When imbalanced they can experience poor health. A tri-doshic person must strive to maintain a balance between all their doshas and must identify potential imbalances and recity it. Effective hydration, clarification and replenishment is recommended to tackle their skin issues.