Urban Veda Soothing Sandalwood Night Cream


  • Pitta Dosha is ruled by the element fire. When in excess, usually in autumn and summers, it can lead to oiliness, sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. A time-tested Ayurvedic remedy to the Pitta dosha, Sandalwood moisturises the skin. Our Sandalwood essential oil, sourced from Mysore, will also allow cooling of the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce acne and rashes.
  • The Soothing Clarifying Night Cream will lock in your natural moisture whilst you’re asleep. Immensely creamy, it helps maintain hydration and harmonises uncomfortable and tight skin.
  • Infused with Santalum album, sandalwood essential oil, it is renowned for its skin conditioning and aroma-therapeautic properties.
  • Formulated with sandalwood, geranium, lavender and rosemary; the night cream will leave your skin feeling balanced, healed, calm and relaxed.
  • Apply on the face, neck and chest and massage it in circular motions nightly. Use it everyday after face wash and toner.





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