Our Story - Felisha


Our Story



Back in January 2020, when the world was slowing down with the fear of a Pandemic, a brave but risky decision was taken in the offices of Felisha Cosmetics.

A unique brand, Color Fx, was launched to bring a massive change in how people view cosmetics.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘beauty’? Surely not nail paints! Nails have never been a priority for the beauty industry and Color Fx was born to change that. With a remarkable list of USPs, we aimed at being experts in the nail game like no other brand. With the initial success of Color Fx, Felisha Cosmetics brought to India a UK-based brand, Urban Veda, for modern Ayurvedic skin solutions. A luxurious yet effective brand, Urban Veda made its place in people’s daily routines when Skin Fx was launched. Made with Korean technology, Skin Fx sheet masks proved to be one of the most loved sheet masks in the market.

With all the success Felisha Cosmetics saw, there were also some failures we had to face.

But they didn’t bring us down. They only pushed us to persevere!

Felisha Cosmetics values integrity, fortitude, and dedication like no other. These values come from decades worth of experience Kirti Kanther, our Chairman, brings to the table. Forty years ago, he started a small business – Rajputana. The business grew unexpectedly with massive expansions and reach all over the country. As it grew, Kirti Kanther eventually involved his son Pravesh Kanther in the business. Pravesh was made to do the grunt work so he could learn how the business works, just like any other employee.

One day they said to each other, ‘We have grown so many businesses like our own babies, it’s time to launch our own!’ And that was when Felisha Cosmetics was born. Named after Pravesh’s first child, the brand Felisha was launched in July of 2019. After extensive research, Pravesh reached a country known for its skincare – South Korea. There, he met many over a 100 manufacturers that had come up with highly effective formulas that catered to the consumers’ wants. 

Felisha Cosmetics was built on four pillars – quality is of utmost priority, the price doesn’t matter; to make all their products quick and easy to use; the products must be unisex and neutral; and there should be products for all age groups.

Felisha’s products were first launched in marketplaces but with the onset of Covid, going online seemed like the best idea. With many ups and downs, Felisha Cosmetics has only risen like a phoenix and has now made a place for itself in the Indian beauty scene!