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Pravesh Kanther

(Founder & CEO)

Despite being a huge cinefile, Pravesh only prefers retro and low-tempo music. He’s a huge foodie, and has managed to stuff himself with Lebanese food for over 3 hours at a stretch. But his intolerance towards spicy food has proved to be a major hindrance in this food-tasting expedition. He’s a workaholic and loves creating new things, he absolutely enjoys going to the ground level and being hands-on with his work.

Yogesh Jain

(National Sales Head)

An avid traveller owing to his job, Yogesh loves going to the movies and for dinners. He claims to have explored pani puri from all over India! He looks forward to that one family trip he takes with his wife and children. He’s incredibly loud and talkative, and sales is his passion and guess what’s his hobby? Work updates!

Khushali Jobalia Shah

(Head of Marketing and Business Development)

One of Felisha’s oldest employees, Khushali is an extrovert who loves dancing and photography. Her pet peeves are sleeping, dishonesty, lack of ambition and most important of all – Vaishali’s humour!

Jahanvi Gandhi

(Assistant Manager, HR & Admin)

Always stressed and running around, she’s probably the most hated (but also loved) co-worker for constantly telling others to get back to work. An obsessive Harry Potter lover, Jahanvi loves sci-fi and historical fiction. For a homebody, she weirdly owns an inappropriate amount of footwear.

Maushmi Patel

(Customer Success Manager)

A serial movie-hater, she hasn’t been to the movies since 2019! She loves what she does, and is very blunt when it comes to work. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, cracking bad jokes and drinking chai.

Pranali Gawas

(Graphic Designer)

Our in-house entertainer, Pranali is the person who makes the office laugh. If you’re curious about what a dying seal sounds like, come over and witness her laugh! When she’s not working, you’ll find her talking. Actually…even when she’s working, she’s talking!

Riddhi Shah

(Assistant Manager, New Product Development)

A foodie and an ambivert, Riddhi is not just obsessed with product review videos, she also explores every component of beauty products herself. She says she’s a good dancer but we find it hard to believe given how clumsy she can be.

Mansi Mehta

(Key Account Manager)

Ecommerce enthusiast with a knack for optimization, analytics and customer service. Helping businesses reach their full potential one sale at a time.


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