Urban Veda Radiance Body Scrub


  • Vata Dosha – Naturally high during late summers and deep winters, Vata causes pigmentation and makes the skin dull. Around this time , it’s essential to manage your skin quality. Our turmeric and botanical products have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that support cellular defence against environmental stressors, enhancing tone and brightness.
  • Suitable for Vata Dosha, the Radiance Body Scrub sloughs away dead skin. It will deeply cleanse your skin and buff away dry skin with the mildly abrasive exfoliants of pumice .
  • Infused with the goodness of turmerones extracted from turmeric, it acts as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and promotes defence against skin diseases.
  • This gentle yet effective exfoliator is packed with revitalising botanicals which targets dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling instantly cleansed and brighter.
  • Massage onto damp skin in circular motion. Apply the Radiance Body Lotion to moisturise.
Dry & Dull


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